Medulla is mainly engaged in printing on fabric and in developing & producing concept designs for individual items or clothing lines.
The design of Medulla starts from a preliminary research study in which themes and concepts are chosen after a cross-disciplinary process, before any graphics are elaborated and created.
Subsequently, the content obtained in the study phase, are declined graphically according to an approach in which quality and care employed, will result in a final product that is able to relate the content in an original and effective way beyond a feedback based purely and only on an aesthetic appeal.
Of course, the implementation phase of the design does not include the use of computer, but is made by hand with pencils, paper and ink.
Medulla has developed a screen printing technique that involves the construction of colors exclusively with natural elements by rebuilding the archaic and traditional rules written by Cennino Cennini in “The BookArt “(late XIV).

Since the color used is “organic”, that means “alive”, a research is necessary for stability of the material whenever it encounters a new fabric. In addition to that, the colors change according to the seasons, thereby are not always all available for the entire period of the year. Also, still due because of the total organic nature of the colors, the range of dyes is limited and the level of opacity obtained is inferior to the industrial colors and the synthesis process. The original effect of the result immediately communicates the natural characteristic of the color and the craft of the printing.